Helping Families Fight the Battle

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Kids With Cancer is a non profit that is dedicated to helping families who have a child battling cancer. Fighting  cancer is a long, painful and expensive battle for both the patient and parents. KWC (Kids With Cancer), works with families in need of financial help. Many times one parent is forced to quit their job to take care of their child during their cancer treatments.

We help by working to raise money through donations, business partners and fund raising events. These funds are then used to help lighten the financial burden for parents. Kids With Cancer helps pay for some of the following.

  • Hospital and Doctor Bills

  • Prescriptions

  • Groceries

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  • Other Bills

  • Gas or Lodging (associated with travel for treatment)

While we know that money does not make the cancer go away or make a child healthy, we sincerely hope to relieve some of the burden and worry that come hand in hand with fighting cancer.



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